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fishes having large mouths with a wormlike filament attached for luring prey

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ORPHANED in 1926, six year old German twins Lotte and Anna are cruelly split up and sent to separate relatives.
Swedish probiotic systems developer BioGaia AB said on Wednesday (14 January) that it had signed a licence agreement with South Korean company Lotte Ham & Milk Co Ltd.
It was at this time that Lotte met and married the dancer Ernest Berk who, crucially,had a British passport.
Snow Brand Milk and Lotte have had an ice cream alliance since November 2001, partly sharing materials procurement and distribution.
The robust Anna was adopted by one uncle and sent to live on her grandfather's farm near Cologne (the twin's birthplace and hometown); the frail, borderline-tubercular Lotte was sent to the family of another uncle, in the Netherlands.
When boring little Lotte takes the Malkovich trip, it opens up new sexual horizons within her.
Danish-born Lotte had been separated from her husband for seven months when her 15-strong pub syndicate came up with the win in May 1997.
Every object, every event, every story is connected to Lotte and through Lotte to him, and in every decisive scene in the novel's first book Werther tries to establish this connection by inscribing his name within the narrative.
RvP: Yes, I discovered Lotte Huber, who started out as an extra in one of my films and was otherwise doing time in an ad campaign promoting Jagermeister.
Lotte has recognized the growing importance of sustainability in today's marketplace, and CSI is pleased to have been selected to partner with Lotte to address this need.
The nation's three leading home shopping channels a CJ O Shopping, GS Shop and Lotte Homeshopping a are likely expected to be fined for allegedly deceiving viewers by showing fake department store receipts, according to industry officials, Friday.
Contract notice: Possibility of claiming investment aid for the purpose of establishing and operating an nga network in lotte municipality
Friday's raids on Lotte Group headquarters, Hotel Lotte and other Lotte companies were part of an investigation into a possible slush fund, three people with direct knowledge of the matter have said.
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 18, 2015-Axiall agrees to ethane cracker joint-venture with Lotte Chemical
Wilton International based Lotte Chemical UK and Sabic UK Petrochemicals and Billingham acrylics manufacturer Lucite International have sponsored the first group of young people onto the new "Science Manufacturing Technician" apprenticeship standard through funding from the Science Industry Partnership.