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of or relating to or living in actively moving water


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Since the ecological system under investigation is a lotic system, hence owing to immense turbulence, the free carbon dioxide remained absent for most of the time except certain months when decomposition was at its best.
Not surprisingly, lotic sites supported a greater historic species diversity, 24 species, than lentic sites with only 10 species.
The round goby impacts native fauna, including both fishes and macroinvertebrates (Jude et al., 1995; Poos et al., 2010; Pennuto et al., 2010; Kornis et al., 2010) in lentic and lotic systems.
Larvae of migratory fish (Teleostei: Ostariophysi) in the lotic remnant of the Parana River in Brazil.
Adult mussels appeared to persist over time, but little evidence of recruitment was found, especially for lotic species, and two species generalists, Lampsilis siliquoidea and Pyganodon grandis, have become dominant even where water quality improved.
According to the River Continuum Concept (Vannote, Minshall, Cummins, Sedell & Cushing, 1980), in a lotic water system, such as a stream, increased complexity and habitat heterogeneity in the direction upstream to downstream causes an increase in the diversity of species and trophic structure in the same direction.
The IBL, GBL, and BSC are relatively lotic freshwaters.
Natural flow disturbance is central in shaping lotic community structure (Power et al.
Berlin-based producer Lotic manipulates his music like a movie director does a thriller.
understanding the response of longfin dace to substrate and temperature might help predict how these species respond to changes in thermal regimes and sediment-dynamics associated with anthropogenic modifications to lotic systems.
However, these proposals are not underpinned by integrated studies of water quantity and quality in lentic and lotic environments, but instead focused only on the implementation of quantitative and qualitative telemetric information systems, on user registration and updating, on the creation of criteria for granting water rights, on charging for the use of water and on payment to the surrounding municipalities, watercourse guidelines, conflict prognosis between demands and capacities, and the creation of environmental protection units.
George Reservoir, the low discharge rates encountered during the 2012 sample period reduced the lotic portion of the river to less than 8 km.
This was the case in our study area, where we captured all but one species known to occur in lotic habitats of the lower Illinois River basin (Phillips et al.