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of or relating to or living in actively moving water


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In general crayfish from the lentic habitat had altered orientation responses when placed within the lotic or lentic regimes (Figs.
Implications of streamflow variability and predictability for lotic community structure: a regional analysis of streamflow patterns.
The IBL, GBL, and BSC are lotic freshwaters within the Yazoo River Basin.
Response of invertebrates to lotic disturbance: is the hyporheic zone a patchy refugium?
More than techno, though, Lotic is affronted by the teems of EDM DJs who have turned electronic music into the soundtrack for
Even though the striped bass eggs appeared viable at the time of collection, it is unlikely that they would survive to hatch due to the low flow rate and the lack of lotic habitat that existed in the river during the 2012 spawning period.
argentinum populations studied can be attributed to conditions present in lotic (channel) and lentic (lake) environments.
The sixty-three samples analyzed and statistically treated for periphyton richness and abundance were grouped by two ecosystem typology: lentic and lotic (Table 1).
Lotic plankton were sampled on seventeen dates during 2001-02 from two stations on the lower Grand River using a six inch plankton net at or a few centimeters below the surface.
First, the regional emphasis allows for comprehensive, intensive coverage of existing information and recent advances in stream ecology that have occurred in the Pacific Northwest--an area rich in lotic resources, aquatic scientists, and contentious management issues.
Artificial streams provide an opportunity to study lotic organisms in a controlled environment where all but characteristics of interest are held constant (Lauff and Cummins, 1964).
For plankton communities, changes occur in several ecological attributes such as species richness, diversity and abundance of phytoplankton and zooplankton, when lotic species are replaced by lentic species after stabilisation of the system (Pedrozo et al.