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a globular water bottle used in Asia

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Malik, a known columnist defines the Lotas as, "In a pack of 52 cards, the joker is a perfect 'Lota'.
PML-N workers threw lotas on Rana Mashhood's vehicle.
He said, number of 'Siasi Lotas' who were loyal to Pervaiz Musharraf switched their allegiance to Nawaz Sharif and now they are ready to side with someone else.
If they refuse to accept Lotas in the party, the trend will automatically fade out.
Esophageal intubation occurred in one patient and remained undetected for longer than 6 rain (Mackenzie, Martin, Xiao, & the LOTAS Group, 1996).
Mumtaz Bhutto but also by the People's Student Federation and the militant wing of the PPP who resent the return of the turn-coats or lotas who had made their fortunes serving Jam Sadiq and Muzzafar Shah, or Gen.
In previous elections, when politicians shuttled from one party to another, they were referred to as lotas but in this election, they've been termed electables.
'The PTI chairman has exposed his new Pakistan by awarding the party tickets to lotas ignoring the party diehard workers while no one is ready to accept the party ticket of PPP under Asif Ali Zardari,' Shehbaz said.
But yes, Imran Khan has gathered 100 turncoats in 50 days, she said and added that the PTI had every size and colour of lota (turncoat) and they would implement the 100-day plan with 100 lotas.
Why is the impulse to appropriate or vandalise what belongs to someone else--or is public property--so highly motivated and routinely finds expression in wantonness that ranges from blatant encroachment by organized qabza groups, to ripping out seats from buses and bus shelters and pinching lotas from public toilets?
KARACHI -- Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party has said that any unholy alliance of vested interests, opportunists, and Lotas would suffer humiliating defeat because when Jiyalas come out with tri-color Party flags no opponent stands on ground.
In recent years interest in human performance in medicine has led to a wide range of studies in medical domains in areas such as human error (e.g., Bogner, 1994; Cooper, Newbower, & Kitz, 1984; Donchin et al., 1995; Schwartz, Matthay, & Cohen, 1995; Xiao, Mackenzie, & the LOTAS Group, 1995), equipment interfaces (e.g., Cook, Potter, Woods, & McDonald, 1991; Harper, Mackenzie, & Norman, 1995; Lin et al., 1995; Weinger & Englund, 1990), team member attitude (Helmreich & Schaefer, 1994), organizational factors (e.g., Gaba, Howard & Jump, 1994), and crisis management training (e.g., Howard, Gaba, Fish, Yang, & Sarnquist, 1992).
The lotas (turncoats) who had switched allegiance and joined a different party, are they above blame now?
It is being assessed that this political imbalance will be through shining Gold lotas and this political lotaism is expected with their strength to emerge as pressure groups in Federal and provincial level.
And, just as the prospect of sinking into oblivion stares him in the face, there's also the party tearing at the seams and rumours of more 'lotas' about to switch parties becoming stronger by the hour.