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Synonyms for number

Synonyms for number

arithmetic calculations

to note (items) one by one so as to get a total

to come to in number or quantity

Synonyms for number

the property possessed by a sum or total or indefinite quantity of units or individuals

a short theatrical performance that is part of a longer program

the number is used in calling a particular telephone

one of a series published periodically

a select company of people

Related Words

a clothing measurement

Related Words

the grammatical category for the forms of nouns and pronouns and verbs that are used depending on the number of entities involved (singular or dual or plural)

an item of merchandise offered for sale

add up in number or quantity

give numbers to



put into a group

place a limit on the number of

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If you possess ammunition from any of these lot numbers or have questions concerning this recall, please contact Federal Ammunition at, or call (800) 831-0850 or (800)322-2342 and ask for product service.
* Serevent Diskus 50 [micro]g (DIN 02231129): lot numbers 491,496, 527, 537, 550, and 556 (expiring between June 2004 and January 2005).
* Flovent Diskus 50 [micro]g (DIN 02237244): lot numbers 122, 138, and 146 (expiring between December 2003 and July 2004).
* Ventolin Diskus 200 mcg (DIN 02243115): lot numbers 073,081,094, and 105 (expiring between April and November 2004).
* Serevent Diskus 50 mcg (DIN 02231129): lot numbers 491,496,527, 537, 550.
These lot numbers were also used on authentic Procrit.
The lot numbers being recalled are: 3RA42L, 1RH7lL, 1RH81L, 2RH81L and 3RH81L.
Olin is asking that the ammunition from the lot numbers be returned to Winchester via UPS.