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Synonyms for lot

a lot or lots: plenty

draw lots


throw in your lot with someone


  • join with
  • support
  • join forces with
  • make common cause with
  • align yourself with
  • ally or align yourself with
  • join fortunes with

Synonyms for lot

that which is inevitably destined

a number of individuals making up or considered a unit

a class that is defined by the common attribute or attributes possessed by all its members

an indefinite amount or extent


a piece of land

to set aside or distribute as a share

Synonyms for lot

your overall circumstances or condition in life (including everything that happens to you)

anything (straws or pebbles etc.) taken or chosen at random


any collection in its entirety

(Old Testament) nephew of Abraham

Related Words

divide into lots, as of land, for example

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The Department of Transportation and Public Facilities, State of Alaska, is proposing to add and reconfigure vacant lease lots for general aviation and helicopter use development on the East Ramp.
The $26 million station and 611-space parking lot will attract West Valley commuters looking to avoid traffic on the Ventura Freeway, he said.
SO THE FIRST skatepark parking lot I'll be reviewing is the parking lot in my town, the Skatepark of Austin's parking lot.
Transfers of development rights are a useful tool when an underbuilt lot--a lot that does not use all of its permitted FAR--can transfer that development potential to another lot.
Let's say, for example, the compounding line is shut down on Friday night after producing Lot No.
Cottage lot development is part the city's overall $14-million strategy called Destination Elliot Lake, which includes expansion of the golf course to 18 holes, ski hill upgrades, development of the Heritage Centre complex affiliated with Science North and building an extensive trail network catering to ATVs, hikers and snowmobilers.
Before proceeding with support for my identification of Titian's drawing as a rendition of Lot and His Daughters, it is important to review the biblical account of Lot in Genesis 19.
The winning bidder for Lot 18 must abide by a Community Facility Use requirement--meaning no commercial uses are allowed.
Then, you have landlords who take a perfectly good parking lot and put extra stores in it, ruining the traffic flow.
Warner will become a tenant, maintaining its post-production sound facilities at the West Hollywood lot.
Bennet, the Court of Appeals has held that a developer of a proposed apartment building could not utilize the unused development rights from the owner of an adjacent lot which had received a use variance, without first returning to the Board of Standards and Appeals for its approval.
One homeowner moved to Sun Valley and sold his lot to a Lancaster man in 1997, according to property records.
Procurement Biochimie Reactor and Consumption Compatible with Beckman Coulter Dxc 600 Analizoarul Lot 1 - Buffer Electrolyte Lot 2 Buffer Lot 3 Calibrator Level 1 Lot 4 Calibrator Level 2 Lot 5 Calibrator Level 3 Lot 6 Co2 Acid Buffer Lot 7 Co2 Alkaline Buffer Lot 8 - Albumin Lot 9 - Cholesterol Lot 10 - Creatinine Lot 11 Glucose Lot 12 - Magnesium Lot 13 - Total Protein Lot 14 - Triglyceride Lot 15 - Urea Lot 16 - Uric Acid Lot 17 - Alkaline Phosphatase Lot 18 - Tgp Lot 19 - Amylase Lot 20 - Tgo Lot 21 - Ck-Nac Lot 22 - Ggt Lot 23- Ldh (Ld-P) Lot 24 Total -Bilirubina Lot 25 - Direct Bilirubin Lot 26 Hdl Lot 27 Calibrator Hdl Lot 28 C X Multicalibrator Lot 29 Control Sera Multicontrol Lot 30 -Iron Lot 31 Calibrator Iron Lot 32 - Size Bilirubin Lot 33 - Cupe 0.