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characterized by or causing dissipation of energy


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This method allows us to obtain the frequency response of a nonideal lossy chamber by simulating an ideal lossless chamber and conducting a postprocessing technique on the simulation results.
Lossless and lossy compression technique is applied on ROI and non-ROI parts respectively (Kaur et al., 2011).
In this paper, the leapfrog ADI-FDTD method for lossy media is first derived from the conventional ADI-FDTD method.
The paper is organized as follows: In Section 2, we write down the circuit equations governing smallamplitude pulses on the lossy NLTL shown in Fig.
Compression algorithms can be divided into two broad categories: lossless compression and lossy compression.
The problem created by lossy transmission lines is the rise time degradation of transmitted signals due to frequency-dependent losses from the conductors and the dielectrics.
JPEG2000 is a wavelet compression technology which offers both lossy and lossless compression within the same mode, and offers additional features such as image zooming, panning, and tiling.
One is determined by the penetration of the magnetic field into the lossy layer, that is the skin depth frequency [f.sub.sd] at which the skin depth in the lossy layer is no longer large compared to the thickness of the layer.
The 2000 Series Storage Switches connect SCSI end systems to SoIP, while the 1000 Series Storage Gateways are used for connecting IP or Fibre Channel SANs over lossy, congested networks, as they have highly robust WAN facilities.