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something lost (especially money lost at gambling)


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We believe these hearing losses were probably caused by contamination of the blood by the degraded product of an old cellulose acetate hemodialyzer membrane.
The Treasury and IRS believe this result is appropriate, mainly because foreign currency gains and losses with respect to assets and liabilities that are not financial assets are often, in their view, non-economic gains and losses.
They are triggered when a catastrophe causes a predetermined amount of losses to both the total industry and the buyer.
Because clients may not realize that their investment loss was the result of fraud, you should ask about the nature of large investment losses.
If you know the rules and you have the right tax strategies, you can offset investment gains with losses and come out ahead," says Mario J.
Free Up Suspended Passive Activity Losses By Disposing Of Activity: Losses generated by passive activities may only be used to offset income from passive activities.
Because the percentage of older persons who have hearing losses is large, service providers, family members, and persons in this older age range need to be familiar with the experiential and phenomenological aspects of this condition.
Since the loss of strontium during degassing is primarily through surface oxidation, adding the alloy just before or during degassing might result in the floatation of large, needle-shaped undissolved alloy particles - partially contributing to some of the losses.
The combination of two sensory losses - particularly of hearing and vision - creates a barrier between the individual and his/her world that is difficult, if not at times impossible, to surmount.
Today, every firm has to build an operating asset insurance program that guarantees protection against potential losses at the best possible price.
Losses may be symbolic and psychosocial, even when they are not recognized or validated by others.
But Johnson thought he'd found a way out--a potential tax loophole that would allow the native corporations to sell their losses to profitable companies seeking tax write-offs.
The drop in CMBS loss severity and resolution time is due in part to improved real estate fundamentals, but also to the higher concentration of multifamily loans being resolved or liquidated with losses.