loss leader

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a featured article of merchandise sold at a loss in order to draw customers

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"As an industry, I think we have to look at changing the way corn is marketed to avoid making it a loss leader, but still offer it at an attractive price," he continues.
While the theatre's arts education program was booming, its productions had become too much of a loss leader, according to Mike Stotts, managing director at nearby Hartford Stage.
"We believe that this will save lives through cutting back on consumption, prevent alcohol related disorder and help community pubs to compete with supermarkets through preventing them using alcohol as a loss leader.
Alcohol is bought in bulk and sold as a loss leader by the retail giants.
Stores will be blocked from using alcohol as a "loss leader" as ministers try to cut crime and health problems linked to binge drinking.
"In recent years, especially after the national conference on tourism, our sector has been experiencing a significant redeployment and is getting revived over one of its cornerstones, namely the South as a loss leader," he told APS on the sidelines of the IFTM-Top Resa show that got underway on Tuesday in the French capital.AaAaAa
Walsall Council member Ian Shires said he wanted to see action to stop supermarkets selling alcohol as a loss leader and for changes in property laws to make sure pubs being sold on remained in the licensed trade.
Pinpointing the loss leader helps focus return-to-work initiatives and measure effectiveness.
was the group's loss leader with a 18.35 percent decline to close at $1.29.
The tourney has long pumped TV channels--in Spain, tyro terrestrial channel La Sexta bought the rights as a virtual loss leader in the hope of persuading local auds to retune their sets to receive its signal.
Supermarkets are exploiting this to sell beer as a loss leader, but small shops rely on beer.
To activate the Sustainable Market Initiative in the arts supply retail channel, Golden Artists Colors will institute several key measures, including a minimum advertised price policy, which will assure that the advertising of the brand does not represent Golden products as a loss leader or lower-value product.
They get the best of the frontlist and treat it as a loss leader."
According to Jim Greenberg, the Casa Grande facility has served initially as a calculated "loss leader" that, despite the investment, is still the last option in the minds of most Gold Circuit customers and the Gold Circuit employees who work to re-market equipment.
Operating student residences, however, can prove to be a loss leader.