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Synonyms for loss

Synonyms for loss

the act or an instance of losing something

the condition of being deprived of what one once had or ought to have

Synonyms for loss

gradual decline in amount or activity

the act of losing someone or something

the disadvantage that results from losing something


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the experience of losing a loved one

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the amount by which the cost of a business exceeds its revenue

euphemistic expressions for death

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In this expedition we took seven prisoners and five scalps, with the loss of only four men, two of whom were accidentally killed by our own army.
Thus, if individual X owns 10% of a pension that owns 50% of a loss corporation, X will not be treated as a 5% shareholder for Sec.
Sudden sensorineural heating loss (SNHL) is frequently reported in patients with renal failure who undergo hemodialysis, but its etiology in this circumstance remains controversial.
Parts II and III discuss the determinations of section 987 taxable income, gain, and loss, and compare the methods provided for under the 2006 proposed regulations with the 1991 proposed regulations.
Unintentional weight loss causes a significant decrease in a resident's overall health and functionality.
The taxpayer then argued that the AMT capital loss had created an alternative tax net operating loss (ATNOL), which could be carried back to 2000 and offset against alternative minimum taxable income (AMTI) for that year, creating a refund.
1 billion dollars worth of commercial property was sold in Manhattan in 2005 (2)), the first action taken by his sales agent is to increase the full floor Loss Factor to 25%.
1211 capital loss treatments, which could result in your client paying more taxes than required.
Most production units already focus on this type of loss through quality management processes or statistical process control (SPC).
If you have a net capital loss, up to $3,000 per year can be used as a tax deduction from your ordinary income.
Hearing loss may come from infections, strokes, head injuries, some medicines, tumors, other medical problems, or even too much ear wax.
As we look to the future of accounting standards for loan-loss allowances, we believe that an expected loss approach, taking a more prospective notion for the allowance, may enhance the quality of reserve estimates when compared with the inherent loss approach now promulgated in GAAP.
The purpose of the current article is to provide information regarding intrapersonal experiences and psychosocial implications associated with late onset hearing loss.
Once found, the Bengkala gene will join the numerous other genes that investigators have recently tied to hearing loss.