lose it

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lose control of one's emotions

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TWO-TIME Grand Nationalwinning owner Trevor Hemmings yesterday warned that the race could "lose its magic" due to safety reforms, writes Peter Scargill.
Manchester United and Fergie should be commended for playing expansive attacking football at all times, but they are admired rather than loved by neutrals because they can't accept that when they lose it's because the opposition played better on the day.
And Mourinho admitted: "We deserved it." He added: "When you lose it's always a bad day, especially when you don't lose a lot of times.
Mr Blair should hold a referendum on Europe, he has said Britain will not lose it's sovereignty by joining up.
"Obviously we'd like to win the Charity Shield, but if we do lose it's not going to be such a major disappointment.
The board passed a motion to add the following Ethics Task Force recommended statement to the Statement of Compliance: "I affirm that I am willing to be held accountable for and understand that my camp can lose it's accreditation status for violation of the Code of Exemplary Ethical Practices for Camp Directors/Owners of the American Camping Association as established in March, 1989." Code of Ethics for All Members including Camp Owners, Directors, and Executives was approved for Council of Delegates' action.
Girden, in The Wall Street Journal: "Up until now it's been almost impossible for a private person to seek redress under the English system because if you lose it's your head."
"Of course, when you lose it's normal that you are down.
"If we lose it's not going to be from lack of desire, lack of preparation, lack of hard work.
When Cov win the sun is always shining for me and the sky is blue; when they lose it's grey and miserable.