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having abnormal sagging of the spine (especially in horses)

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Subjects with lower maxillary length were associated with a more lordotic cervical curve.
Anatomical leg length inequality, scoliosis and lordotic curve in unselected clinic patients.
Effect of Age and Lordotic Angle on the Level of Lumbar Disc Herniation.
As compared to flexion, maintaining a posture of extension during work hours is quite unusual, though prolonged orthostatic periods tend to increase the lordotic curve.
21) Such compensation will increase the lordotic curvature (exaggerated lumbar curve) of the lower spine or lead to thoracic kyphosis (exaggerated spinal curve between the shoulder blades) and ultimately place increased stress on the low back, pelvis, knee, ankle, and foot.
The effects of partial and complete masculinization on the sexual differentiation of nuclei that control lordotic behavior in the male rat.
Because in anatomic position the pelvis/sacrum is anteriorly tilted approximately 30 degrees, there is a natural lordotic curve to the lumbar spine.
The VEO Direct Lateral System offers a comprehensive portfolio of interbody implants in both parallel and lordotic angles to match each patient's anatomy.
Figure 1 illustrates this concept and shows that the bending moment on the passive tissues of the spine is high when a person adopts a fully flexed posture (approaching 100% lumbar flexion) at the start of a lift (Figure 1B) compared to someone who adopts a lordotic posture (Figure 1A--approximately 40% flexion).
Dr Ozdemir said that in the sense of a deformity, kyphosis is the pathological curving of the spine, where parts of the spinal column lose some or all of their lordotic profile, causing a bowing of the back, seen as a slouching posture.
The thoracic spine has a small canal-to-cord ratio as compared to a wider canal-to-caudaequina ratio in the lumbar spine which is lordotic.
12,13 Potent motor block action of hyperbaric lidocaine may weaken the supportive structures of the spine and cause flattening of the lordotic curve.
Lordotic curves refer to the inward curve of the lumbar spine (just above the buttocks).
Relationship between Thoracic, Lordotic, and Pelvic Inclination and Craniofacial Morphology in Adults.