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Synonyms for lordly

Synonyms for lordly

Synonyms for lordly

of or befitting a lord


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having or showing arrogant superiority to and disdain of those one views as unworthy

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There was the time when the diplomats of the Land of the Pure, who enjoyed the 'right connections' to be posted to such coveted stations as Washington, New York and London, used to hope and pray that this country got a column or two of mention in the lordly press of the area.
But, on Valentine's Day, 1953, Second Division Everton had played lordly Manchester United in the fifth round of the FA Cup, before 77,920 people in Goodison Park.
OUR DUKE had connections predicting a lordly performance at Leopardstown next month after the rish Grand National winner headlined the entries for the Unibet Irish Gold Cup, highlight of the inaugural Dublin Racing Festival.
Down: 1, Tog-ether 2, Rep-air 3, L-ashings 4, Snorts 5, Ar-rest-ed 6, Enth-US-iasm 7, Hears-ay 8, Cur-ate 11, Restore 16, Lordly 19, Grace 20, Ban (rev) 22, Clear 23, Mo-us-se 25, Open-handed 26, Con 27, Stretch 30, Celer-it-y 31, Negative 32, Mode-rate 33, A-not-her 35, MO-Ping(-Pong) 36, Sta-b-le 37, T-R-avel.
Whether it was sheer bravado, an act, or the true manifestation of a lordly nature was a subject of ironic (nobody really thought it was the third option) debate among people inclined to gossip about the tiny world we inhabited, where he was regarded (with a mixture of irony, resentment, affection, scorn, and awe) as a prince.
who has earned noble and lordly confidence from his majesty the king," Hamadeh said.
Van Dijk was majestic at Celtic and has been regal at Southampton, where, as soon as he arrived two years ago, he assumed a lordly guise, healing everyone who pined for Toby Alderweireld.
Writers at Time magazine seemed to be in competition to coin the most clever epithet for him: "the lordly boss of the A.F.
At the conclusion of the meeting, members were led on a tour of the Old Burying Ground by Don Lordly UE, an Executive member of the Old Burying Ground Foundation and a former President of the Halifax-Dartmouth Branch of the UELAC.
This version begins with Tarzan, settled now in his lordly English life, married to Lady Jane, being recalled to his old constituency in the wilds of the Congo.
As should the latest lordly lambs to the telly slaughter...
Feudal language of lordly fidelity was replaced by the authority of state institutions as embodied in the person of the lord deputy.
183) the concept of lordly planning in villages is surely a case of throwing out the baby with the bath water.
However much we seek to deny it, there is something alluring about that sense of entitlement and lordly arrogance which sends otherwise perfectly sane people all gooey.
'Who's speaking?' bellowed a very lordly voice at the other end of the line.