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Synonyms for lordless

having no lord or master


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The steadfast men from around Sturmer need not reproach me now with words now that my comrade has fallen--say that I, lordless, would travel home and turn from battle, but weapon shall take me, point and iron.
But this security is only temporary, for it is the destiny of the Geat people to be left lordless in the end.
In this view both Grendel and his mother become more comprehensible: Grendel's feud is 'the spiteful response of a lordless man to his exclusion from the life of the hall, but his mother's is sheer vengeance for her kin' (p.
I have no cause to hope that a son will avenge me on the life of my slayer, if some fierce figure approaches me in battle; the family from which I am descended will not be increased by my heirs, unless I turn away, lordless, from the protector who gave me rings.
Nor shall anyone through enmity ever complain, even though the Danes follow their ring-giver's slayer, lordless, as to them was so needful (dictated by circumstance).