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in a chatty loquacious manner

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2014) loquaciously expresses the underlying assumptions with respect to empirical threats (like the one proposed, e.
Then with a gradual close-up followed by a deliberate long-take, the director's presence recedes to let the viewer step in as the conversation partner with A-pu while the Lisu leader loquaciously "informs" the viewer how he and his Lisu community have come around to aspire to the lucrative "returns" by turning their river into a money-maker, and that their best option is to dam this section of the river and build a hydraulic power station.
Without naming Wollstonecraft, he protests her project of demanding equal social treatment between the sexes, which he portends will destroy femininity: "to talk men emphatically and loquaciously out of their notion that women must be maintained, taken care of, protected and indulged like a more delicate, strangely wild, and often pleasant domestic animal; the awkward and indignant search for everything slavelike and serflike that has characterized woman's position in the order of society so far and still does (as if slavery were a counterargument and not instead a condition of every higher culture, every enhancement of culture)--what is the meaning of all this if not a crumbling of feminine instincts, a defeminization?
Metaphors loquaciously blossom in the attempt to describe without words the techniques and effects of a completely different system of signs--that of notes, tones, and tempos.
And somewhere in this--if sometimes reduced to white noise--is another vehicle, a latent topos of Johannesburg as a loquaciously written city, pages almost on a par with pavements, logos with leg (see Harrison 2003).