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an oblique or slanting asymmetry

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However, the lopsidedness is expected to be rectified in the next ten years, as the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a collection of projects that can immensely intensify the connection between both countries, is planned to be finished in 2025.
An important characteristic of mentoring as a form of social exchange is the organisational lopsidedness between mentor and mentee (Holtbrugge & Ambrosius 2015).
Rational versus irrational prejudices: How problematic is the ideological lopsidedness of social psychology?
At Lok Virsa we strongly encourage our women singers to balance off the lopsidedness of the male domination of our cultural expressions.
The Special Rapporteur would like to offer a cautionary note about a certain lopsidedness in the discussions heretofore; most of the discussions in Sri Lanka in the recent past have concentrated on the establishment of an accountability procedure, and indeed, on a narrow dimension of such procedure, namely, the nationality of the judges.
I don't think it (officiating and home court) were factors back then, Black said of the lopsidedness of those two results.
Therefore, we also consider the lopsidedness of a rivalry with [L.
History and the Holocaust have created a lopsidedness to Jewish--Christian relationships in the Western world.
Jason Langberg, the supervising attorney of Advocates for Children Services, a project of Legal Aid of North Carolina, investigated the racial lopsidedness in student suspensions in Wake County.
The lack of terminological precision unveils the lopsidedness of Palmer's concept of fictional minds.
Energy mix in Pakistan is quite lopsidedness in comparison to other countries, with greater reliance on non-renewable resources of gas (43.
This lopsidedness apparently affected public perception of the SSA's work.
So to the Gulf, whose example clearly is distinguishable from most of the rest of the globe, in the scale but also lopsidedness of its resource base, besides having its own geography, history, authorities and people.
The single major reason attributed to this lopsidedness of development plans and policies is that economic contribution by women has not only been underestimated and un- recognized but very little has actually been written and known about what women do in different sectors of the national economy and particularly in agricultural sector.
In a way, this aesthetic lopsidedness is exactly what holds the viewer back from feeling the urgency and gravity of a moral choice.