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in a crooked lopsided manner


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When the question was reversed -- which presidential candidate is anticipated as having the least favorable policies for the Property and Casualty industry -- the results are lopsidedly reversed.
Cabagnot and Arwind Santos hit five triples each, Wilkerson drained four and Lassiter was responsible for the last three and the Aces never got to figure out what hit them and lost lopsidedly for the first time in the conference.
One could argue that consumers may lopsidedly favor zero-price goods because zero-price transactions entail lower transaction costs.
More often than not, they compete lopsidedly, with insignificant support from the government, against athletes who receive all the help they need from their respective governments.
A high birth rate makes the population lopsidedly young--30 percent are under age 15--and sexual relations begin early That is why Annel is expanding outreach to adolescents, like those she is going to visit in the village some two hours away from the capital.
From what I read in the American newspapers, news websites and magazines, I can understand that they're performing unfairly and lopsidedly through ignoring the noticeable civilian casualties in the Gaza Strip.
The conflict of interest between a woman's career and child rearing is also lopsidedly presented.
Cape Town, Jan 28 ( ANI ): One of the Proteas' most iconic cricketers since their return from isolation, Jonty Rhodes, has said that Cricket South Africa should not be too fearful yet that world cricket power will suddenly become lopsidedly placed into the hands of a "big three"-India, England and Australia.
Opinion is lopsidedly suspicious among independents--63 percent not serious versus 29 percent serious--and Republicans--77 percent not serious versus just 14 percent serious.
After 1972, each party's delegation represented a set of districts that were largely similar in their political leanings, although some Democrats did represent lopsidedly Democratic (largely urban and minority) districts.
Don Lemon is a perfect fit for Zucker's Zimmerman Network, where blacks are seen lopsidedly as perps as CNN runs security camera footage that record the dumb and sorry crimes of the desperate, but fail to mention those committed by their corporate partners like General Electric, whose flaking business is causing earthquakes and fouling the water supply.
An overview of the health communication articles in 2003 shows that they are lopsidedly concerned about various aspects of the SARS outbreak.
The noted Danish film is one of just a handful of non-English titles from world cinema that register on the radar of the Religion-Film interdiscipline each year; the scales have been lopsidedly tipped on the side of Hollywood blockbusters, many of them, theorized many times before- The Ten Commandments (Cecil B.
Across I saw the books there, lined lopsidedly on burdened shelves, pushing against the wood, propping one another with a mutuality unknown to man.
If the political preferences of their middle-aged and older counterparts are any guide, it appears that young Hispanic adults will remain lopsidedly Democratic throughout their lives.