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Synonyms for lopper

a long-handled pruning saw with a curved blade at the end and sometimes a clipper

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Sunday People readers can buy an Eckman Long Pole Lopper for just pounds 29.
When the going gets tough you need some tough kit, and if it's branches on stems, a good pair of loppers will come in handy.
Wilkinson Sword Small PowerGear Bypass Loppers have hardened blades that should cut branches up to 33mm diameter, durable, light handles and a lifetime guarantee.
Send your cheque/PO to: Daily Mirror, Eckman Lopper Offer, PO Box 50, Harlow, Essex CM17 OD2.
In the section between Interlaken East and Brienz on the southern Brienzerseeseite the mostly 2-lane road National N08 Lattigen (BE) is - Lopper (NW) repaired.
Keep in mind that a hatchet also can be used for pruning limbs, but it leaves a ragged cut that might be more vulnerable to disease than that left by a saw or appropriate lopper.
OUR tallest telescopic lopper just got a whole lot TALLEr – lopping out of reach branches needn't be a chore or a safety issue with this new mains–powered lightweight telescopic chainsaw from Eckman.
Jay Leno, Mary McCormack and NBC lopper Jeff Gaspin al the Peacock's TCA press tour party at the Langham Resort in Pasadena, Calif.
The material is used in Corona Clipper's ShockStop bumper system in the Wood Handle Bypass and the "unbreakable" Coronaglas Handle Bypass lopper lines.
A lopper can be used to prune live branches up to about an inch in diameter.
Tenders are invited for Supply of long reach telescopic tree pruner and telescopic lopper
GADGET OF THE WEEK THERE'S no need to teeter on an old ladder to reach high-up branches - a telescopic tree lopper will save you the stress.