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having bent or drooping ears

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2012 Influence of dietary supplementation with Acacia karroo on experimental haemonchosis in indigenous Xhosa lop-eared goats of South Africa.
The lop-eared bunny kettle and glass-lined carafes follow a similar principle (the bunny holds a carrot rather than a mouse).
They are called Mabel, because the name is sweet, and Ziggy, because of all the heartfelt tributes to David Bowie, we thought he'd find having a lop-eared rabbit named after him the most moving, surely.
Gentle color artwork shows a lop-eared bunny rabbit who has trouble sleeping, but then the Night Mare (a kindly brown chestnut mare).
The modern Welsh Pig is a wonderful animal and can be traced back to an indigenous, white lop-eared breed, that has been kept in Wales for as long as records have existed.
The unhappy lop-eared loner then looKs a bit sad and puts a present at the mouth of the bear's cave.
12 seconds - that is when the world will end", like some lop-eared Mayan version of the speaking clock.
A LOYAL lop-eared rabbit was found in a gutter huddled over the body of his dead friend after the pair were callously dumped.
Buster was one of a pair of neutered black lop-eared rabbits who were originally from Preston Park.
We still have Hazel a large lop-eared doe and Cherry and Blossom two baby rabbits waiting for their second chance.
This mini lop-eared male rabbit lives with sisters Natalie and Alannah Dunne in Milngavie, near Glasgow.
She has dealt with everything from a white, lop-eared rabbit with dental problems and half an ear missing, dumped in a pet carrier off Lamby Way, Tremorfa, to a four-foot-long grass snake on a Whitchurch driveway.
AS the owner of two lop-eared rabbits, I was saddened and enraged at the Record's story about the attack on poor Hoppity.
He should be a lop-eared dwarf, but one ear has decided to stay upright.
The lop-eared gelding with a soppy name came third in the following year's Royal Hunt Cup, but later became inconsistent.