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having only distant social or legal ties

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A communique issued more than a week later attributed the fire to the Earth Liberation Front, or ELF, a loosely knit, leaderless band of radical environmentalists believed responsible for illegal acts across the country.
Berman called the loosely knit group ``the harsh face of the anger,'' and maintained that its aim - deporting illegal immigrants - is unrealistic.
The Jewish Motorcyclists Alliance, (JMA), a loosely knit association of the most well-known and best-organized Jewish Motorcycle
The Rainbow Family - a worldwide, loosely knit group practicing the hippie values of peace and love - has moved from the backwoods to the front lines among a coalition of private organizations providing hurricane relief in the Gulf region.
Police arrested two young men, ages 17 and 18, in the menorah vandalism and said they were linked to a loosely knit group of about 25 young people in the area who espouse anti-Semitic beliefs.
Pelino continued, "We're seeing a lot of opportunity in the Franchise model, where solid local operators with loyal clients and employees have become part of a loosely knit confederation of companies run by a centralized administration or management company.
That was a huge part of our concern," said Eastside parent Margie Kelly, who spoke to the board on behalf of Concerned Parents for Alternative Schools, a loosely knit group composed of parents from all nine alternative elementary schools.
Bring meat together by hand, avoiding kneading it, and don't worry if it seems loosely knit.
The loosely knit members of the ASF are again break new ground by adopting the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) WebDAV standard.
Her group coordinates its activities with a loosely knit organization of other pro-war, pro-Bush groups; other associations, including the Jewish Defense League, have joined their demonstrations.
Since then, Bright, of West Hills, has counseled other parents who have lost children overseas as part of another loosely knit group, Military Families Speak Out.
Investigators said some members of the loosely knit ring are still on the loose and that they expect to make more arrests.
Early in its effort, JCP&L was joined by a loosely knit group of concerned citizens in Aberdeen, who believed a municipal electric utility would not be in the best interest of residents.
The loosely knit group allegedly steals bank and credit information from mailboxes and has targeted people with bank accounts of more than $100,000.
The loosely knit community will come together Sunday in a public way for the valley's first Santa Clarita Jewish Festival - a day of food, music and celebration of the religion and culture at Old Orchard Park.