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having only distant social or legal ties

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Bland served as the first president in 1963, laying the foundation that took a loosely knit group of apartment owners scattered across the state and built them into one of the largest and most robust networks of multifamily professionals in the country.
Syrian's rebel opposition remains a loosely knit, undefined organization.
Green Abu Dhabi is a loosely knit group of more than 30 companies and scores of people.
Anonymous is a secretive "hacker-activist" network and is thought to be a loosely knit collective with no clearly defined leadership structure.
Anonymous, a loosely knit group that has attacked financial and government websites around the world, hacked into Chinese government websites last week, defacing several, The paper reports said.
The loosely knit (to say the least) story of three male friends (Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day), each burdened with a vexing supervisor, and their efforts to ease their on-the-job suffering by flirting with the assassination of the offending parties, taxes believability in an "Am I bugging you?
Sovereign Citizens: A Growing Domestic Threat to Law Enforcement" focuses on the approximately 300,000 people in the United States who consider themselves sovereign citizens, a loosely knit group of individuals who have renounced their citizenship and believe that federal, state, and local governments operate illegally.
Sebastian, Thomas (who's carrying a load of guilt about Miriam) and the other members of their loosely knit community of combat reporters--including a character known as the Dutchman (Kilmer), who goes around saying things like "This place is about to blow, man
Quincie, her werewolf boyfriend, Kieren; her guardian angel, Zachary; and a loosely knit group of acquaintances both dead and alive must find a way to diffuse the vampire magic before those who ate Bradley's dessert become part of Dracula's deadly legion.
The elections at the midpoint of Obama's term are a prime-time test of strength for the loosely knit conservative-libertarian Tea Party movement, a force unheard of just two years ago that advocates limited government and low taxes.
Saving the World One Dog at a Time is essentially a loosely knit short collection of life-and-death adventures conveyed by a man who is truly passionate about animals.
This loosely knit star family sprawls across 5[degrees] of celestial real estate in the little constellation Coma Berenices, which is situated between Leo and Bootes.
These are loosely knit crime groups, and everybody disappears in the woodwork, including the straw buyer and his counterfeit W-2 forms and worthless pay stubs," Campanella said.
While, as a consequence, the historical overviews and quotes that Weigel presents are somewhat loosely knit, the study's open structure also reflects the great scope of the project.
The Sudanese government quelled unrest in the poor region of Darfur responding to an imbalanced prosperity; it sanctioned the loosely knit "Janjaweed" (translated, "devils on horseback) to attack villages and help themselves to the spoils, including a shocking number of the area's women.