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Synonyms for loosely

in a relaxed manner


without regard to specific details or exceptions

References in classic literature ?
Loosely attired, in the coarsest and roughest garb, with scraps of straw and hay--his usual bed-- clinging here and there, and mingling with his uncombed locks, he had fallen asleep in a posture as careless as his dress.
A flowing robe of tappa, knotted over the shoulder, hung loosely round his stooping form, and heightened the venerableness of his aspect.
At other times, when rambling among the groves, or visiting at the houses of her acquaintances, she wore a tunic of white tappa, reaching from her waist to a little below the knees; and when exposed for any length of time to the sun, she invariably protected herself from its rays by a floating mantle of--the same material, loosely gathered about the person.
If they move him at all, it is only to a quiet smile, as he shakes his hair a little more loosely about his face.
It is morning; and Dora, made so trim by my aunt's hands, shows me how her pretty hair will curl upon the pillow yet, an how long and bright it is, and how she likes to have it loosely gathered in that net she wears.
When thou ridest on horseback, do not go lolling with thy body on the back of the saddle, nor carry thy legs stiff or sticking out from the horse's belly, nor yet sit so loosely that one would suppose thou wert on Dapple; for the seat on a horse makes gentlemen of some and grooms of others.
Why not be revenged on society by shaping his future domesticities loosely, instead of kissing the pedagogic rod of convention in this ensnaring manner?
To his delight he discovered that the thin blocks of hewn stone of which it was constructed were fitted in loosely without mortar or cement.
Another visit on October 27, 2016 found fireworks were being stored loosely on top of cabinets and a further visit on November 3, 2016 found that recommendations had been "completely ignored" with fireworks kept loosely around the shop and cabinets left unlocked.
Formerly a doctor in real life, the one he plays on TV is loosely based on his life.
For mint, lemon verbena, coriander, or tarragon, put a plastic bag loosely over the bouquet, secure it to the mouth of the jar with a rubber band, and refrigerate.
DETROIT -- Lawyers for the federal government and fans of rap-metal duo Insane Clown Posse clashed in court Monday over whether the FBI can be sued for the negative fallout of describing them as a loosely organized gang.
Most states have recently begun relying on loosely regulated "compounding pharmacies" for execution drugs but refuse to name them, citing concerns about backlash that could endanger the supplier's safety.
Sorkin famously wrote a part for Chenoweth on his show "Studio 60" that was loosely based on her, but the pair split after several years together.
Judging from his autobiography Cowell used Minogue loosely too.