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being or having leaves that can be easily removed or rearranged

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The looseleaf products are in the health information management and managed care sectors.
Looseleaf binders and disposable medical products reportedly can be produced at rates up to 80,000/day with one operator.
First, the information could be stuck on a sign or in a looseleaf binder.
The UCCGUIDE database contains the full-text of The Uniform Commercial Code Filing Guide, a five-volume looseleaf publication of The UCC Guide, Inc.
CRINKLY, CRISP, AND often colorful, Batavian lettuce combines the best characteristics of looseleaf and iceberg types.
In a single looseleaf binder, the Family and Medical Leave Handbook tracks and interprets the regulations and requirements necessary to comply with the law.
Asking everyone in the audience to hold up their looseleaf books entitled, "Building Air Quality: A Guide For Building Owners and Facility Managers," Joseph Lstiburek the main speaker, asked the attendees to take a sniff.
A looseleaf edition with quarterly updates is also available for those who need to know the changes in law or regulations immediately.
This clearly written looseleaf notebook brings together a half-century of research results and management experience with central hardwoods.
An invaluable daily reference source, this clear and accurate looseleaf will help you to protect your fleet or that of your client with coverage of public international law, jurisdiction, arbitration and enforcement, safety and navigation, property transactions and rights, carriage of goods and passengers, employment and pollution.
The text is on looseleaf paper in a 4-ring binder for ease of use and copying.
Global Patent Litigation" is a new looseleaf publication from Kluwer Law International (London) that provides information on the strategy and practical aspects of patent litigation in the major trading countries of the world.
Private Activity Bond Tests, by Sharon Stanton White (Thompson/ West, 2004), is a reference binder/ looseleaf that provides answers on private activity limits on the use of tax-exempt bond finance facilities.
The 1994-founded NHI publishes 14 newsletters, three looseleaf services, and more than 40 books and special reports serving healthcare professionals and executives.
Established in 1995 by Stephen and Lynn Glasser, LegalWorks produces a series of seminars, forums, newsletters, books, looseleaf information services and CD-ROMs on a variety of legal topics including management of law firms and corporate law departments.