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loosely articulated or constructed

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When activated, it pushes the model along at a rate of knots, the loose-jointed legs of the bearers scurrying to keep up.
He's athletic in the mode of the loose-jointed character the coach keeps hidden on the bench until it's time for a special trick play.
Handy's celebrated autobiographical report in Father of the Blues of having first heard the blues one night in Tutwiler, Mississippi from the guitar-playing hands of a "lean, loose-jointed Negro" whose "clothes were rags" and whose "feet peeped out of his shoes" thus becomes, for Wagner, a crucially important moment of sociocultural erasure, even as it helps foster an enduring association of black vagrancy with cultural authenticity.
The side show--the outside on the side feature of every circus--was the first place visited, and consisted of less than the usual number of attractions, except to those (of the male persuasion) who loosened up an extra quarter to visit a little side tent to see the final gyrations of the hoo-chie-koo-chie dance, which consists of a number of unseemly and suggestive contortions by the loose-jointed female, with little more than her modesty to cover her, and a scant supply at that.
Kennedy has a wonderful, loose-jointed physicality that allows him to nearly defy gravity as he leans precariously out of the boat or perches trembling on the edge.
Briefly put, the book is a loose-jointed collection of essays, mainly based in literary studies, that struggles to deliver on the literally jazzy title.
a loose-jointed, Velvets-inspired power trio, rattled the walls of
The constant repetition of steps also stresses vulnerable areas of the body associated with teenage growth spurts, prior injuries and your physique (for example, being tight- or loose-jointed).
"The first two-thirds of the novel read like a loose-jointed picaresque adventure, each episode vivid and surreal, if not appearing to lead anywhere important.
A grinning doll of orange-and-black tissue paper with thin flat cardboard disks forming its head and feet and which some mysterious mechanism was causing to move up and down in a loose-jointed, shoulder-shaking, infuriatingly sensuous motion, a dance that was completely detached from the black, mask-like face" (6).
Judging from grumblings heard along the Rialto--and scattered walkouts at intermission--there may be many theatergoers who mistake the play's subtlety for aimlessness, its loose-jointed structure for formlessness, its elliptical style for meaninglessness.
The film tells of WC Handy, the black band leader who introduced the world to blues after hearing a "lean, loose-jointed Negro" playing what he called "the weirdest music I had ever heard" on a railway station in rural Mississippi.
Mrs Minter found Zach was very loose-jointed and had a pelvic tilt, while some of the vertebrae at the base of his spine were out of alignment.
But when he was recalled--some authors have had him dying in office--it was not just a result of factional housecleaning in Britain but of the ascendance, in England, of an imperial faction including the Earl of Halifax, who looked with jaundiced eye on the loose-jointed North American empire and blamed incumbent royal officials.
Woman holds baby, loose-jointed, unhinged from wringer washer and kitchen shelves lined with jars of canned tomatoes, spiced peaches, snapped green beans - rainbows of colors, floating in salty solutions, waiting to be born on a winter's day.