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not fitting closely


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Neoprene has been a trendy fabric for multiple seasons and is no exception for this summer, as it's perfect for loose-fitting garments.
People don't want a crummy, loose-fitting gorilla suit," he says.
Medical face masks, commonly referred to as "surgical masks," are often loose-fitting because of the wide variability of facial features of the wearers, Crosstex says.
Walter Schreifels The Barfly, Cardiff Tickets: pounds 7 Former Rival Schools man whose loose-fitting pop draws comparisons to the likes of Bright Eyes and Adam Green Tel: 029 2039 6589 OK The Buffalo Bar, Cardiff Tickets: pounds 3 Cardiff power pop aficionados brandish hooks aplenty at the launch of their debut album Under The Weather Tel: 029 2031 0312 Rat Attack, Die
Mosquitoes can bite through tight clothing, so wear loose-fitting long trousers and long sleeves in the evenings in malaria hotspots.
He is 5ft 10in to 6ft tall and wore a blue or green, loose-fitting, plastic-type jacket.
What are the differences between compression-wear and loose-fitting wear?
military-proven, lightweight motor blower technology and features loose-fitting head covers that can be worn with facial hair--no fit-testing is required.
Even if N95 filtration is unnecessary for avian influenza, N95 fit offers advantages over a loose-fitting surgical mask by eliminating leakage around the mask.
Acne creams are too strong, so just wear loose-fitting panties to let the skin heal, suggests Dr.
Childs' music falls under the chamber-jazz genre, a loose-fitting label that often equals exquisite, melodic improvisations played with the utmost delicacy and detail, burnished as much as recorded.
The others were wearing grey hooded tops, football gloves and loose-fitting clothing.
As major Madagascar art forms, shawls, dresses, loose-fitting shirts, and also burial shrouds are "fundamental to an individual's ethnic, ideological, spiritual, social, political, and economic identities.
Natural, a white-bearded, barefoot eco-gurn in loose-fitting getups, is forever making incoherent boasts; Angelfood McSpade, a sensual, black, earth-mother stereotype, is revealed over time to be a white man's erotic projection.
Aspirin, not aspirin substitutes like Tylenol; check with your doctor before taking any medication); wearing compression stockings; keeping the legs uncrossed; and wearing loose-fitting clothing.