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fire as from a gun

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They will be let loose off northern Spain as part of a three-year research project funded by the European Commission.
The Hawks' Brian Fahey worked the puck loose off the faceoff, allowing Dan Brun to find Sean O'Keefe for a pass into the Mountaineers' zone.
Massa was struck on the helmet, just over his left eye, at 162mph by a suspension spring that had worked loose off the Brawn GP of compatriot Rubens Barrichello before ploughing straight into a tyre b a r r i e r.
It was obviously fixed there for night firing and some sentry had been ordered to loose off the occasional burst while patrolling his beat, so things should be quiet for the next few minutes.
Saddam's regime may have become so hollowed from within that resistance will be brief and perfunctory; or it may loose off a formidable arsenal and draw American land forces into a protracted campaign, with collateral damage further afield in the region.
Naturally, telly chef Rick Stein goes for fish and chips while actor Robert Hardy nominates the longbows that won the battle of Agincourt thanks to archers who could loose off 10 arrows a minute.
In the maelstrom of dust and noise, my three idiots continued to loose off round after round.
Penny was keen to punish anything loose off the front foot - driving off-spinner Robert Croft through mid-on to rattle up a second bonus point in the 20th over.
Lyubov Orlova has been drifting in the Atlantic for months, after being cut loose off the coast of Canada.
The incident occurred early in the race at the Nurburgring, Allen struck by a wheel that had worked loose off Mark Webber's Red Bull (pictured) as the Australian pulled out of his pit box.
However, I like the look of Paul Young's Millwards Daisy who, from an ideal draw in six, is fancied to cut loose off the second bend and put matters to bed by halfway.
Prussian (4.00) will appreciate the return to 10f for Mark Johnston in the 10f handicap and his low draw in three is a positive for a horse who likes to race prominently; he will feel he is let loose off only 8st 3lbs and the booking of excellent light-weight Martin Lane is another plus.
At Ascot, SCATTER DICE (2.20) will feel like he's running loose off bottom weight with Darren Egan's claim also helping.
The stuffed animal came loose off the wall and hit Raina Kumra at the White Slab Palace in New York.
The midfielder's low shot from 20 yards bounced in front of goalkeeper Luke Daniels, who allowed the ball to run loose off his outstretched hands and straight into the path of Byfield, who scored.