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(telecommunication) the gain of a feedback amplifier or system as a function of how much output is fed back to the input

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Due to the large effective inner loop gain of this hybrid expansion valve, superheat control of a single evaporator was greatly improved.
However, the gain of the open loop control system is adjusted by a feedback control of the frequency signal, so that the whole open loop gain crosses the 0 dB point at the desired switching frequency.
The locking range of the Miller FD is still determined by the loop gain limitation, and it can be derived as
A low value resistive load will lower the available loop gain of the amplifier and create a measurement error.
Then the changes on the loop gain will affect numerator and denominator of the feed-back system function, so the phase noise result will be constant.
Loop gain is an engineering term that is used to describe stability or instability in a negative feedback control system (113-115).
The non-linear open loop gain of the amplifiers introduces error components as harmonic distortion in the modulator output spectrum.
Perhaps this particular opamp was chosen for its high open loop gain at 20Hz.
The condition for oscillations in a negative feedback loop is that the loop gain be -1 or:
Abstract: One of the most important factors which influences the dynamical behavior of the feed drives for numerically controlled machine tools is position loop gain or Kv-factor.
This circuit will oscillate if there is a positive loop gain at a frequency where the open loop phase shift is a multiple of 2[pi].
With much of the lag eliminated in the system, the loop gain is higher, causing the control to respond to the [O.
The increased shunt resistance will result in smaller closed-loop voltage-gain and higher loop gain [5].
The system needs to be tuned, for instance, by increasing the loop gain.
With the loop gain of 200, an open-loop error of 100 MHz is corrected to 0.