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he grumbled in a sort of grizzly-bear voice wrapped up in a Southern drawl: "Welcome to the fourth grade loony bin.
45pm) A nervous Ruth returns tonight, and the other staff are also rather nervous, understandably, considering that she totally lost the plot and had to be carted off to the loony bin last time she was at the hospital - not very reassuring when you think she could be performing surgery on your nearest and dearest.
Johnny is away in the loony bin, for now poor Fiz is out of her mind with worry, but she is taking care of business though trying to get her hands on Joyce's money.
Meanwhile, in another wing of this crowded loony bin, a group calling itself Horseracing Deserves Better is lobbying the European Pattern Committee to veto the Champions Day changes implemented by Racing For Change.
The unimaginable pain of a mother losing a baby to cot death is tapped for every last drop of tainted, perverted emotion and the surviving victim of the tragedy, the bereft mother, is portrayed as a loony bin child snatcher.
If I was to sit down and analyse that I would end up in the loony bin because Dartford were the better team and they deserved to be in the hat and I feel sorry for them.
If I sat down and analysed that I'd end up in the loony bin.
Debate is healthy, but for the obstinate it can feel like being trapped in a loony bin when you know you're sane.
telephone interview that began when she answered her business line by identifying the store as "Diane's Market and loony bin.
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PRIEST | KEN BRUEN: In the fifth installment of the Jack Taylor series, ex-cop Jack leaves the loony bin.
And where common sense, the law and alcohol are concerned, we live in a loony bin.
You long for glamour, sensuality and an edginess that will either make you famous or get you locked up in the loony bin.
He has been chosen to act as a mentor to Victor, a retarded boy from the local loony bin being experimentally mainstreamed in his school.
In some kind of eternally overcast Europe where the 18th and 21st centuries co-exist, Jean is suffering from horrendous dreams of being menaced by thick, grinning bald guys with straitjackets, and hauled off to the loony bin.