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Synonyms for loon

Synonyms for loon

a worthless lazy fellow

large somewhat primitive fish-eating diving bird of the northern hemisphere having webbed feet placed far back

a person with confused ideas

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Well discuss the amazing recovery of loons in Vermont during the past 30 years, says Hanson, who has studied loons for almost 30 years, including the conservation actions that have brought them back, such as capture and rescue stories, and the threats loons still face.
The Golden Loon property itself contains granitic, mafic, intermediate and felsic metavolcanics.
(Photo: map showing regional Red Lake land ownership showing major projects and Pacton Gold's recently acquired properties, Golden Loon and Pakwash)
Over the last three years, Loon successfully let wireless carriers in Peru and Puerto Rico use balloons for free to supplant cell phone towers downed by natural disasters.
In this instance, we were able to begin providing service in about 48 hours, because we had already deployed the building blocks of the Loon network."
As part of the new relationship and HAPSMobile's financial and investment strategy, HAPSMobile has made a decision to invest USD 125 million USD in Loon.
Loon lost on all scores of the five juries, 8-12-12-6-10, compared to Nguyen, who posted 22-26-20-17-21, in the events staged at the Padepokan Pencak Silat TM III Hall.
While financial details haven't been disclosed, it is the first commercial deal for Loon. The way the balloons work is pretty straightforward, albeit ingenious: antennas hang from giant, tennis court-sized helium balloons, which can float almost 20,000 metres above the ground -- higher than even commercial airplanes and weather systems that could cause the balloons to crash.
No one is yet to claim the device," Ms Nyakeruma said.According to X, the developer, Project Loon is a global network of high altitude balloons which ascend like weather balloons until they reach the stratosphere, where they sail about 20km above the earth.
The Project Loon and AT&T partnership has allowed residents with LTE smartphones to carry out basic communication and internet activities, like sending texts and accessing information online.
Flemings attorney, Nathan Van Loon, said hes considering an appeal of the decision.
During the first 15 minutes Wirral scored twice through Craig Harvey and Matt Loon. Both tries were converted by James Annetts to establish an early 14 points lead.
Equally scary, informative and humorous, van Loon (who is a cult figure in his native Netherlands, and is best known in this country for his long-running Alfie the Werewolf series) tags many classic horror films, and provides excellent short reviews of three of his favourite horror books (Frankenstein, Dracula and Jekyll & Hyde).
While Titan drone project may have been shelved, Google plans to continue pushing the idea through Project Loon. Project Loon recently started beaming internet from the high altitudes of Sri Lanka and the project is also ready for pilot implementation in India.
CNL Lifestyle Properties, the Orlando, Fla.-based real estate investment trust that owns dozens of "lifestyle properties," including Loon Mountain in Lincoln and Mt.