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seek information from


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GH: [Many of] the interactions in a call center require agents to navigate to multiple secondary applications--often to re-enter the same data two or three times, look up data, and then enter it into the core application, or to check availability on an item before proceeding.
An office for LOOK UP, a thrusting young advertising company, sets standards for rehabilitation of a derelict industrial area in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.
Pro CD's product line includes Select Phone, a national reverse search directory that allows users to look up residential and business listings by name, address, city, state, zip, area code or SIC code; Direct Phone, which allows look ups of businesses and residential listings by name; Free Phone, which holds AT&T's Toll Free Directory; Canada Phone, a reverse search directory of Canadian white and yellow page listings; and Australia Phone, a reverse search directory of Australian white and yellow page listings.
RefMan allows users to look up key words from a list of key words previously entered, but there is no list of generic key words (eg, MEDLINE's MeSH listing).
As the old consoles lacked an integrated directory, operators had to manually look up numbers, which often entailed working from scribbled notes and memory.