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act or move at high speed

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Some of the Dandy Mans also look sharp, and there wouldn't be many yearlings by U S Ranger over here but I've liked the ones I've seen" Johnny McKeever Dandy Man in his racecouse pomp: producing sharp progeny in his image
The Fleet Safety Forum, a division of the road safety charity Brake, has launched the Look Sharp promotion in a sponsorship deal with Boots Opticians.
In other words, the small, square pixels that make up the image become visible to the eye and the image does not look sharp (see Figure 1).
BACK with Look Sharp heyday heroes Graham Maby and Dave Houghton, Joe Jackson turns in genre-defying setlist heavy on jazz but with side orders of pop and if not rock, then certainly roll.
He wants to look sharp for the start of fourth grade next week at Walt Disney Elementary School in Burbank.
Look sharp at the following sites: Tucson Medical Center, Arizona: Indian-fig, 54 pts.
But it takes more than talking to make you look sharp.
While it's true that "how you feel inside is the most important thing," says Ma'at, Bell sums it up best: "Always look sharp, because you never know whom you'll meet.