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Synonyms for look sharp

act or move at high speed

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I tell 'm plenty fella white marster look sharp eye belong him.
Sell them,' said he, 'and then take seven thousand five hundred roubles to the office, give them to the cashier, and bring me back the rest of the ten thousand, without looking in anywhere on the way; look sharp, I shall be waiting for you.
And now,' said the schoolmaster, dividing the bread and butter for three into as many portions as there were children, 'you had better look sharp with your breakfast, for the horn will blow in a minute or two, and then every boy leaves off.
Maguire has been playing catch up, but he's starting to look sharp now.
Sainsbury's Tu School Uniforms WITH fabrics that retain their shape for up to 100 washes, Tu uniforms feature non-iron shirts and heat set materials to ensure creases look sharp after washing.
When it comes to peeling, slicing and scooping, Kuhn Rikon's funky set of knives look sharp and are a pleasure to hold too.
TEENAGE boys are snapping up dinner jackets as they blow PS385 on average to look sharp on school prom nights.
Look sharp in Reiss' Rosalie double breasted blazer, PS112, www.
Some of the Dandy Mans also look sharp, and there wouldn't be many yearlings by U S Ranger over here but I've liked the ones I've seen" Johnny McKeever Dandy Man in his racecouse pomp: producing sharp progeny in his image