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to protect someone's interests

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In one of the featured tunnels some of the jobs included labourers, line operators, cafeteria workers and look outs. These workers earned anything from EGP 70 or 100 shekels per day.
Often these bookie snatchers would dress up as coalmen or street singers to get past men who were paid to act as look outs for the bookmakers.
The actors called themselves the Flockton Look Outs and also designed their own logo and crime prevention leaflet.
According to the Daily Post's reports, as Windsor Castle back-tracked, Capt Beadon asked crew and passengers to line the deck-rails as look outs. Superb seamanship, accounting for ocean swell and wind direction, returned Windsor Castle to where Mrs Fuller was still treading water after three hours.
They believe children as young as 10 are acting as look outs for older muggers.