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bear a physical resemblance to

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Although the sculpture might look like an exact copy of an actual person, the artist's goal was not to duplicate another person, but to use his art to talk about American society.
Winkler " Emily has a YouTube channel where she gives make-up tips on how to look like singers, including Adele.
Again it didn't look like the flying Scotsman could be blamed, yet referee Steele took a different view.
Jeremy was told to say goodbye to his collection of tight jeans and multi- coloured button-down shirts that made him look like Baywatch's David Hasselhoff, while Lesley was informed she had to ditch the over-powering eye make-up and promise never to wear her favourite butterfly pattern jacket again.
They pay their money for something different, drive around trying to look like film stars and yet get all precious and superior when people actually pay them any attention.