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Now that we finally have all of our data in one place, we can start to look for relationships.
I look for dancers with excellent tap skills who are willing to go beyond technique to show a range of emotion.
From our reviewers, we look for a very similar voice and structure of reporting, regardless of where it's coming from, and we do apply the same standards across the country.
What we look for in the spiral, perhaps more than anything else, is the creation not just of capability, but of new knowledge.
To develop these rules, a team of analysts headed by Leanne Bischof, who leads the CSIRO Image Analysis Group, extracted from clinicians exactly what they look for in diagnosing melanoma.
In making their pre-snap read, they are taught to look for a free safety aligned anywhere from 10 to 14 yards deep over the ball.
When NT boots up, it scans to look for which drive the mount is and to look at all these drives as mine.
Bellamy's Looking Backward is a good place to look for clues, since it is not clear that the book appealed to readers because of its passages laying out Bellamy's bizarre economic pens[acute{e}]es.
Besides, if you tell white peoples that they slaves is escaping on an underground railroad, ain't the last place they bound to look for them up in the sky?"
Look for the FDA certificate at the clinic where you go for your mammogram.
There are many things to look for when shopping for one.
Look for them in o local outdoors store or surveyor's supply house.
This is a "meta site" - a guide to information about public or privately held companies; check out the Top 100 companies in the world; or look for information by country, from Albania and Algeria to Zambia and Zimbabwe.
"We can recreate the look of a brownstone for the exterior or a classic look for the interior surfaces of a hallway.
Look For: Plump and juicy-looking fruit with a uniform, golden-orange color.