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avert one's gaze

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But of course, we can and do look away, and we excuse our doing so by blaming Donald Trump or Barack Obama or religious groups--including the U.S.
While Maneka Gandhi chose to look away from her estranged niece, Priyanka Gandhi waved out -- onlookers say that she waved to the crowds while Congress sources say that she waved out to her aunt.
or you just don't right now feel like looking at it, look away.
Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck's new work, Never Look Away, premiered in Venice and is Germany's submission for the Oscars.
Summary: Washington DC, [USA] Aug 30 (ANI): Germany on Thursday officially chose 'Never Look Away' to be submitted in the 'foreign language' category for the 91st Academy Awards, set to be held next year.
And our country cannot look away from the children taken from their parents.
LOS ANGELES (AFP) - Thirty years after the band Chicago hit number one with the ballad "Look Away," a man who was just a teen back then is suing to say that he wrote the song.
She doesn't have to look at your foot again and then look away; in fact, ideally, she will continue to look away while you click and treat several times.
A paired set of weavings titled always look away (2017) and never look away (2017) reference the song Dixie, which glorifies the American South while ignoring the history of slavery and racial injustice in the region.
The recommendation in the haunting opening song of A Series of Unfortunate Events is that we look away. "Look away," croons lead actor and musical theater virtuoso Neil Patrick Harris.
The band will perform classic hits and live favourites including Harvest Home, Fields of Fire, Chance, Wonderland, Look Away and The Teacher.
If you find something odd about a very well-paid television presenter boasting about the stuff she's found in skips, or the high chair left out in the street for someone more needy that she's helped herself to, then look away now.
If she has a problem with 'undies', 'bikinis', 'skirts' and so on then kindly don't stare and look away. I will wear what I like at my own place - I'm not roaming nude!
says motorists shouldn't have to look away from the road for more than two seconds to operate dashboard controls.
It just shows that you can't look away from a pram," he said.