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Synonyms for loofah

the dried fibrous part of the fruit of a plant of the genus Luffa

the loofah climber that has cylindrical fruit

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Summary: Loofahs used for baths are something that many in Lebanon are accustomed to.
PSY Health Town After steaming and soaking, lie back on a table in a common area for a sudsy head-to-toe loofah ($50 for 40 minutes).
03 GET safari scents with this Coco Cuddle soap, bath salts, loofah, body lotion and body brush, pounds 25.
99 per pack; the Loofah Sponge #50, with an SRP of $4.
Ross took it upon himself to develop a better, more eco-friendly line of cleaning hardware and came up with the Loofah Sponge, the Euro Sponge, and the Euro Cloth (a reusable product that does the work of 17 rolls of paper towels).
Earth Made's line of all-natural products include loofah and sea grass sponges and Blasdell Body Care, a collection of all-natural soaps and bath salts created by the entrepreneurial duo themselves after years of research and a desire to find a product that would not irritate the skin.
But can O'Reilly be expected to tell a recitative from a motet when he doesn't know his loofah from his falafel?
The Loofah Day takes place on November 8 with a talk from the head gardener and the chance to complete the final production stages of their own loofah.
The real danger, according to Janse, comes from elevator buttons (severe acute respiratory syndrome), escalator handrails (group B Streptococcus), subway platforms (Aspergillus) kitchen sinks (sahnonella), loofah sponges (Staphylococcus aureus), and children's ball pits (Escherichia coli).
Immediately remove from heat and add loofah pieces, stirring to distribute.
This daily shower cream is a blend of crushed apricot seeds and natural loofah to gently remove dead skin, revealing a newer, brighter surface.
Containing coconut and jojoba, it is also packed with apricot seeds, each of which acts like a mini loofah on your skin.
That's why imported supermarket tomatoes taste like a loofah.
Each kit contains a waffle bathrobe, wash bag, hair band, skin loofah and Witch Foaming Face Wash, Witch Daily Cleansing Lotion, Witch Clear Pore Gel, Witch Doctor Lotion and Witch Stick.
What makes this plant amazing: Edwards tried growing a loofah - yes, those spongelike things you scrub your back with - from seeds last year.