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Synonyms for loofa

the dried fibrous part of the fruit of a plant of the genus Luffa

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but loofa (they spell it luffa) is simply described as "washrag gourd.
Do not wash your car or truck with a loofa because the coarse sponge will scratch the paint, unless your vehicles look like ours, in which case the scratches improve the appearance.
The loofas found in stores are mainly grown in Central America.
Multipet has specially produced a "Support Our Troops" Loofa dog toy.
Multipet hopes the "Supports Our Troops" Loofa dog toy will be as successful as its Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Loofa dog toy and bring as much ongoing support to the troops as it does to breast cancer.
based supplier of pet toys, has announced a pink Loofa Dog that will help raise funds to battle and treat breast cancer.
Multipet already sells a Loofa Dog toy, but it is embroidering a pink ribbon on the chest of the new one to promote breast cancer awareness.
Multipet International is offering Loofa Dog, a soft toy that can be used as a retriever, a backscratcher or a pet's favorite snuggly companion.
com/holiday/2012), the elf scampers through an office distributing bogus gifts such as lint rollers, ketchup packets, used loofas and a half-eaten pizza - in some cases hitting recipients in the face with the 'presents' or plunking them into cups filled with coffee.
Don't look now, but washcloths are losing ground to scrubbies, loofas and puffs.
And someone selling giant loofas on something that looked like an old pushcart.