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a toilet in Britain

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difficile-infected patients now get scrubbed down twice a day, Loo says.
Radio Systems will continue to reinforce the ideas Pet Loo was built on and with their expertise in technology, innovation and leadership, continue to expand the problem-solving product.
Mum Debbie, 44, hides spare loo rolls at their home - and she puts only one at a time in the bathroom and makes sure it is covered.
The Wetherspoon pubs in the capital have won acclaim for the quality and standards of their loos in the annual toilet appreciation awards.
Sunday Mercury blogger Brummie Broad says: "There are two things that women talk about in loos.
The art loo was officially opened last night with a new display by the Society of Wood Engravers.
Loos in Osmotherley and Swainby took four star titles while those in Stokesley, Thirsk and Great Ayton are classed as three star.
Public loos are usually not very nice - give me a hotel loo any day of the week
A cost-effective public restroom that provides maximum function in minimal space, the Portland Loo was created by the City of Portland, Oregon, and recently received a patent for the design.
Or as the Right Rev Christopher Cocksworth quipped after linking his loo with its "twin' deep in the African bush, "It's a bog standard idea with a great message.
Rob Bloxham He should not have been allowed to use their loo.
A war of words erupted over the loo that is costing a strapped Co Tipperary council EUR34,000-a-year.
Heidi picked up the Best Dance Act gong with Mutya Buena and Keisha Buchanan in 2003, and admitted that fianc Dave Berry told her to put it in the loo.
The bus station toilets in Back Riggs, Morpeth were given a coveted five-star rating for the first time in the annual Loo of the Year Awards 2009.