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Looking for synonyms to replace a longish word with something shorter, because it had to fit into the key, was really difficult.
And, in my longish career, I have lived in faraway towns, but I have always wanted to come back - in my case to Birkenhead, which will always be salted by the same water as Liverpool.
Their longish short pants are part of a uniform that has become iconic: dirty beach slippers, brightly colored T-shirts, grungy cargo pants with lots of pockets.
I work longish hours and when I come home I think 'Where is Ruthie?' She's not there."
Rather longish for an "out of office" communication, the message opens on a rather personal note with Shaar saying he is on a mission to get married, which will then be followed by a honeymoon in a remote location where there is no Internet.
A longish read, this is a book for every girl who has lost a dearly loved father--and there must be many of us.
One usually thinks of going to Clark in Angeles, but recently we had the opportunity to visit San Fernando, where sits a newly opened restaurant-KTV lounge-music bar with a longish, kooky name: Don Facundo Delicioso Y Yummy.
Within days he was as short as 9-2, unlike Ruler Of The World, who remained at long odds until the Chester Vase, and longish odds even after that.
The day ended with skipper Dhoni having a longish chat with chief curator Daljit Singh.
The first is an Asian man of slim build, with curly longish brown hair.
It can be regulated from a longish flush to a short flush in a matter of minutes.
Come 5pm and they're all trooping out to their transports, after two longish meal breaks and "working" in groups for the rest of the day!
To a question he himself posed--"Why read the great nineteenth-century historians?"--the Harvard historian John Clive attempted a "short answer," which actually turned out to be longish: