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duration of service

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the property of being long-lived


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The international forum will become a new benchmark in the decision of the strategic task, outlined in the President's Address to the Federal Assembly, on the formation of conditions for active longevity," Galina Karelova noted .
Longevity Medical Group gives the consumer an alternative when their manufacturer warranty runs out with locations in Las Vegas, Nevada and Santa Monica, California.
The results, published in the Journals of Gerontology: Biological Sciences, highlight the importance of studying 'truly rare survival, to discover combinations of common and rare variants associated with extreme longevity and longer health span,' the authors said.
With a longevity annuity, there is generally no choice, but this also allows for larger payments for those who do survive to the starting period; as a result, for those who survive, longevity annuities typically provide for a larger payout (often, much larger) than traditional deferred annuity products.
Key words: cows, longevity, culling, body conformation traits, economic evaluation.
The report provides brief overview of Longevity Biotech, Inc including business description, key information and facts, and its locations and subsidiaries
insurers are less exposed to longevity risk than their U.
Longevity insurance, a deferred-income annuity, allows a person to pay a lump sum premium to an insurer in exchange for a guaranteed lifetime income stream that begins several years later.
Ivan Zelenko (World Bank) described the World Bank's attempt to issue a longevity bond in Chile in 2009 in a talk entitled "Longevity Bonds and the Financial Stability of Retirement Systems.
The report finds that parental longevity and some mid-life factors are greater predictors of longevity than childhood conditions.
WASHINGTON -- The Institutional Life Markets Association is now the Institutional Longevity Markets Association (ILMA).
Pension funds looking to minimise their exposure to an aging population have often used longevity swaps, through which a counterparty - often a reinsurer - takes on their liabilities for a defined period.
The 1RS recently issued proposed regulations that provide guidance on the required minimum distribution requirements that are necessary when longevity annuity contracts are purchased under certain qualified retirement plans.
This include Myriad income protection benefits, Myriad longevity protectors and longevity benefits.