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a pendulum clock enclosed in a tall narrow case

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A mid- or late-period Tompion longcase clock, today universally considered about the most desirable type of English clock to own and likely to cost upwards of 350,000 [pounds sterling], by comparison was priced by its maker at 11 guineas.
A GENUINE longcase clock is one of the few antiques which, if genuine and well- kept, has and will continue to increase in value.
SETTLING IN: New auctioneer Sally with the longcase clock
Top price in the clocks section was pounds 1,600, which went to a George III eight day longcase clock "Interesting, quality lots sold well and dining tables remain very popular in the current market, said auctioneer Andrew Beeston.
Its 230 UK exhibitors offer something for almost everyone, be it a longcase clock of year duration by the London maker Peter King of around 1710 (Raffety & Walwyn), one of Daumier's brilliant lithographs for just a couple of hundred pounds (Elizabeth Harvey Lee) or a stunning piece of Italian glass from the 1950s or '60s (Gordon Watson; Fig 4).
A walnut and marquetry eight day longcase clock discovered in south Shropshire has sold for pounds 7,500 at Hall's fine art auction house.
The 10 are: the Lunt Fort, the Baginton Bowl, the Coventry Sallet ( a steel helmet from 1460) Godiva by John Collier, Bacchus and Ariadne by Luca Giordano, a longcase clock by Samuel Watson, Fanny Mosse's fascinating doll's house, a sample book of woven silk pictures for Thomas Stevens Ltd, the Coventry Goblet from the 1770s, and a wonderful book cover in enamel and gilt by Frances Skidmore, who died in poverty in the city in 1896.
T Atkins, A Two 19th century mahogany 19th century mahogany T chests of drawers and a longcase clock with brass dial will also be sold.
Of particular local interest was a fine George III mahogany longcase clock by William Taylor of Whitehaven, which sold for pounds 6,400 to a buyer in Egremont.
A good friend of mine has a chinoiserie longcase clock in a modernist 1930s house and it looks fantastic.
ON a traditionally muggy North Eastern day, a man brings into the shop a beautiful longcase clock for us to sell.
A walnut-cased Longcase Clock by the uncommon maker Jos Jackeman of London Bridge realised pounds 2,500, an ebony bracket clock by Wightwick & Mofs pounds 1,850, of a consignment of cameras including a Ross Ensign Camera with a rare 105mm f/3.8 xpres Lens made pounds 2,0, a Hasselblad 1000F pounds 420, Leica III Cameras to pounds 340, a Leica bayonet Leitz Canada Elmar Lens pounds 820, other lenses to pounds 370.
I was invited to see one of these 'Welsh houses' and most of the contents, including an early John Owen of Llanrwst longcase clock and a good Anglesey dresser, will be in our future auctions.
Examples of Birmingham-made clocks in Joe McKenna's book, far left, a longcase clock by Thomas Brown circa 1750; above, a lantern clock made by George Guest bedtween 1690 and 1710; Author Joe McKenna by the Chamberlain Clock moved in 1979 from Aston Cross to its present home at at the junction of High Street and Union Street