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a stoneware drinking jug with a long neck

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Having enough of our antics, on cue from his dad, Tanner dropped the hammer and seconds later my friend and his son were standing over the boy's first longbeard.
Winchester applied the Longbeard technology to the pheasant-load Rooster XR shotshells, and the results were the same--a higher percentage of pellets on target at every given range.
To create a new turkey hunter is an accomplishment far greater than bagging even the biggest longbeard.
Caption: McDougal called to a distant longbeard with his Primos TAC-OPS pot call.
Turkey hunting is an interactive sport, and I've found even the most fidgety of youngsters to quickly become enthralled by the sound of a longbeard gobbling in response to the call.
Mickelson, also 29, has won 13 times as the longbeard of this group, with eight seasons of tour tenure.
Being a southern boy raised in Mississippi, I've grown up understanding the challenges of getting a longbeard with a bow.
Elastic brush straps allow you to brush in this blind, while several shooting ports and viewing windows ensure no matter what direction a longbeard sneaks in from, you'll be able to see him and, more importantly, shoot him.
When a longbeard hangs up just over a hilltop or behind some brush where its obscured but in range, legendary turkey hunter Ray Eye advises hunters to simply stand up and shoot the turkey Be committed and quick, and more often than not, your shot will have the longbeard flopping before it can bolt.
The reason a longbeard gobbles at day break is to attract hens," Kidd said.
a longbeard decided to get really vocal, and together we had a lively conversation.
He was a wise old longbeard, and I couldn't convince him to come any closer for a slam-dunk shot.
Ideally, you are looking for a lone longbeard or a small bachelor group of two or three toms.
In the meantime, good hunting--whether your quest is for a massive pair of sheds, a sackful of morels or the smartest longbeard in the woods.
It would take a couple of years and a number of failed hunts before I would kill a longbeard.