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Synonyms for hyperopia

abnormal condition in which vision for distant objects is better than for near objects

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Quite fascinating," he trilled at the end of the session, "you're profoundly short-sighted in your left eye, but long-sighted in your right.
The 48-year-old Indian consultant ophthalmology had conducted laser eye surgery on a Moroccan woman to correct her long-sighted vision, but he forgot to prescribe the post-op drugs she needed.
For Hodgson this is a chance to look at some players prior to the first World Cup qualifier in Moldova next month and Cesare Prandelli is taking an even more long-sighted approach with Italy.
By making the eyeball shorter, this made the astronauts more long-sighted, which in some cases reduced or corrected their short-sightedness.
I really wanted to do it, but eventually they came to the conclusion that I was long-sighted and I wouldn't be able to judge distances for air flight.
The Spaniard is long-sighted in one eye and wears contact lenses during games.
The eradication of corruption is the aspiration of each Jordanian, but this should go through a steady procedure that is both wise and long-sighted.
My only possible criticism of the interior is the overly fussy array of buttons on the control panel which, finished in dull silver is, for some of us long-sighted older gents, a mite too hard to read especially at night.
We know you as talented, long-sighted leader able to make balanced decisions timely.
His long-sighted approach, buying Safeway and ignoring the criticism of the rest of the world, has paid off.
This long-sighted development has actually increased the number of toilets in the resort, not decreasing them as proposed for North Wales.
Indeed, SWFs play an integral part in this more long-sighted fiscal and economic planning.
Some new operators also have reservations: "We think that it can be avoided through well thought-out and long-sighted regulation," said VATM, the German association for new entrants.
T]he generation that emerged to lead the colonies into independence was one of the most remarkable groups of men in history--sensible, broad-minded, courageous, usually well educated, gifted in a variety of ways, mature, long-sighted, sometimes lit by flashes of genius.