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having long legs

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The Dolichopodidae, or long-legged flies, are one of the largest families of Diptera, with more than 6,000 species worldwide (Pollet et al.
Well, they can often prove to be a pest for gardeners as they damage lawns, particularly in spring, and can lead to other wildlife such as birds, badgers and foxes digging into the turf in search of a long-legged meal.
Long-legged red- headed girl toting cello sniffs and avoids them
1The 1 The Ministry of Silly Walks CLEESE plays a long-legged civil servant in a special government department for silly walkers in this skit from 1970.
Dan's Friend Hands and Meg's Friend Legs and their sequels are tales about two youngsters and their adventures with magical, long-legged and big-handed friends that only they can see.
The main pest in my house - apart from Yogi the dog when she's in a bolshy mood - are those long-legged spiders that look a little like crane flies.
According to the RSPB, it is only the seventh time the long-legged birds have tried to nest in the UK, with previous attempts failing - often due to bad weather.
She played (and danced) the role of The Hunyak, a long-legged Russian innocent who dies in the end, for which she won a Screen Actors Guild of America award.
Maybe you're a fan of long-legged colts or calves with big, dark eyes.
In 1976 Ruby Flipper took over, only to be replaced later that year by Legs & Co, who remained until 1981 when the reign of long-legged beauties was brought to an end by the debut of a troupe of 20 interchangeable male and female dancers named Zoo.
Yenichek says the Prima Ballerina border, featuring a long-legged black ballerina in a frilly tutu, is the most popular seller so far.
Mr Stott said: "The long-legged beauties are, of course, the greyhounds.
Long-legged Siberian lovely Maria Sharapova is an awful bet at 5-2 to retain the Wimbledon crown she won so memorably last year.
In laboratory studies, her team found that short-legged people consume substantially more oxygen while walking or running than long-legged people do.