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having a face longer than the usual

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IANS Chunky circular earrings and hoops look nice on a long face but people with round face should steer clear of them.
The man is described as white European, aged in his 60's, of lean build, with a long face, short hair (colour unknown) and vivid/ distinctive white coloured eyebrows.
I was born with a long face, and now there's UKIP and Putin and being single and Islamic State and tax dodging corporations and Paul Dacre of the Daily Mail.
Mouth breathing, snoring, excessive daytime sleepiness, obstructive sleep apnea, esthetically unpleasing facial features, narrow dental arches, need for future jaw surgery, recurring nasal and sinus infections, sinus pressure headaches, dry raw pharynx, post nasal drip and life long nasal obstruction are some of the quality of life issues that a child or teenager, with a developing long face syndrome, will have to deal with for the rest of his adult life.
Those with a long face and a good height should opt for a length between their collar bone and chin that has fullness at the sides and must avoid parting their hair at the centre.
And worse than her long face was the fact she spent her week on the world stage wearing clothes that looked like they'd been chosen by her Mum.
My son looked at me with a long face and requested that I warn him before I had any more clever ideas.
The other long face of the tower houses some services and staircases, and externally is entirely blank.
The most popular persona so far seems to be Killjoy Kerry, as depicted in jokes about his long face and dour demeanor.
Primary features of VCFS consist of cleft palate, heart defects, learning disabilities, and a characteristic facial appearance that includes a long face, a large nose with a prominent tip, small ears, narrow eyes, and an emotionless expression.
A dazzling exception was the beautifully precise Fyodor Lopukhov who, with the same long face and body of his grandfather (the great avant-garde choreographer of the same name), danced high on demipointe, rising and falling on just the balls of his feet and turning his legs inward and out with such focused precision that for a moment his beautifully presented instep was all that one saw on the teeming stage.
Lastly, long face shapes suit a flat arched eyebrow, brows that are too arched or too curvy on long face shapes can leave you looking a little surprised.
I don't deal with any of those" Broadcaster Clare Balding "You need a quick mind, a hard head, a strong stomach, a warm smile and a cold eye" Sir Christopher Meyer, Britain's former Ambassador to the United States, on the attributes required by a US Ambassador in London "When you are born with a 10ft long face, you don't get hero roles" Self-deprecating actor Richard E Grant, above, who believes he is perpetually consigned to playing villains