lollipop woman

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a woman hired to help children cross a road safely near a school

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Look at the lollipop woman always ready with a smile who loves the kids and her job or the hospital porter on rubbish wages who does his job with a laugh and good grace and tells you how much he enjoys his work.
Tracey King, a 30-year-old lollipop woman, who went on X-Factor with her mum, said: "She was convinced she could be a big star if only she could lose some weight.
JOIN ME: Mary Roads, a lollipop woman for Priorsfield School, Kenilworth, promotes the campaign.
A LOLLIPOP woman who has seen two generations of boys safely to class was named the best in Scotland yesterday.
Then came a feature about the lack of a crossing outside a school - rather bizarre in a consumer programme which boasts it chases conmen across Wales - with Rupert Moon dressed up as a Lollipop woman and the Manics singing If You Tolerate This Your Children Could Be Next.
Annette Shreenan said: "The lollipop woman stepped out to see us across and just at that the lorry started moving.
LOLLIPOP woman Brenda Shields retired last month after 25 years of helping children cross the road.