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a woman hired to help children cross a road safely near a school

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Formerly an employee at Smiths sewing factory, Eirwen Selkirk took up the role of lollipop lady at Abertysswg Primary School, in the Rhymney Valley, in 1977.
The lollipop lady was not injured and no children were with her at the tine.
Pat began working for the council in 1978, and worked as a dinner lady at Breckon Hill Primary School for 10 years, before becoming a lollipop lady.
Mum-of-five Betty has been a lollipop lady at St Maria Goretti Primary and Lamlash Nursery in Glasgow's Cranhill for two years.
Carol, 55, who has worked as a lollipop lady at the school for the past 17 years, said: "It is vital that the council does a U-turn on this decision.
Without her knowledge, fans of Kath launched a campaign group on Facebook, named Save Kath Kerr Our Lollipop Lady From Cuts.
She added that Ms Jones had been a lollipop lady for "a number of years".
Local councillor Lindsey Hall admitted a lollipop lady "might spoil the snap" but she added: "It's a question of ensuring that traffic has been warned sufficiently, so people are safe and can get the picture.
Summary: A lollipop lady injured when she was knocked down by a bus carrying schoolchildren has died, according to police.
The school is but one location that seriously needs some bright yellow beacons and a Lollipop lady wearing similar coloured iron-clad bomb disposal protection, waving a flashing red sabre which she can switch off and on as required; diving among the traffic to stop this nation's road madness just for a few seconds to let our youngsters cross in safety.
Helen Tilbury, Paulton lollipop lady, said: "If drivers see a lollipop, they must stop.
Lollipop lady Val Atkins, a 63 year-old married mother-of-four, from Nuneaton, hopes the visual presence of the camera will be enough.
A LOLLIPOP lady from Enniscorthy, Co Wexford was devastated this week when thieves stole her lollipop.
JUST like in the famous TV advert, lollipop lady Maureen Allen has been given many boxes of Roses chocolates during her 20-year career.
As well as seeing her three children and four grandchildren safely to school, the lollipop lady also became a familiar face to parents around the community.