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Synonyms for lollipop

ice cream or water ice on a small wooden stick

hard candy on a stick

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The lollipop lady was not injured and no children were with her at the tine.
Push a lollipop stick into the middle of 6 apples, then dunk in the chocolate mixture and sprinkle over 50g coconut flakes.
This lollipop designing technique is called Amezaiku, and this dates back to the 8th century.
Android Lollipop was released last year, and has taken about 10 months to cross the 20% mark.
Ten lollipop crossing patrols are set to be axed by Liverpool city council.
So far schools have pledged cash for just half of the city's 82 lollipop crossing points.
Lollipop men and women joined union representatives, Labour MP Jack Dromey and road safety campaigner Avril Child in a united front at St Margaret Mary's RC Primary School in Erdington as the campaign was launched.
Battery seems to be given priority in Android Lollipop.
Battery sports a little over 6,000, which seems kind of low, but Lollipop has been designed to run with a neat power savings mode to keep the tablet treat flowing.
Lollipop also introduces Android Runtime (ART) software to improve performance.
Local councillor Lindsey Hall admitted a lollipop lady "might spoil the snap" but she added: "It's a question of ensuring that traffic has been warned sufficiently, so people are safe and can get the picture.
Pipe chocolate circles over each skewer again and again until you've got a perfect lollipop.
Lollipop fans have reported improved success in trying to abstain from smoking by using the long lasting Original Gourmet lollipops to stave off cravings for cigarettes, as well as for dieters looking to avoid fatty and other less desirable foods.
Lollipop is very proud of her teeth, and looks after them well, but she worries about the new teeth that will grow when she loses her baby teeth.