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a garment that provides covering for the loins

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Weissmuller hung up his loincloth after Tarzan and the Mermaids in 1948 and died aged 79 in 1984, his victory bellow played at the funeral.
Until they finally achieved land reforms and other concessions six and a half years later the gutsiest members of the 400 Pueblos protested nude or wearing only underwear or a loincloth.
I've done elephant-riding in a loincloth, and let me tell you, it's like straddling a barbecue brush" - Hollywood star Brendan Fraser (pictured).
Summary: The loincloth is making an unlikely comeback in the boutiques of Japan.
And audience reaction reveals it's no bad thing that he also buffs up well in a loincloth.
Eakins was famously ousted from his teaching position at the Philadelphia Academy of the Fine Arts, in 1886, in part because he removed a male model's loincloth in a mixed-gender life studies class.
Next in line at the meat market: Josh Strickland, the "American Idol" alum who spends most of Disney's "Tarzan" in a loincloth.
He looked like a simple Hindu holy man in his white loincloth and shawl of homespun cotton; he was a vegetarian and espoused nonviolence.
Flanking him on one side is an ancient, Moses-like figure, bare-chested, wearing a primitive skirt or loincloth with knee-high leather boots, and holding a white snake or spinal column in one hand as if to loose a plague on his enemies.
YORK CITY: A man in a loincloth transforms into a woman, an animal and a god.
Mr Watkins sings very well indeed, is athletic and toned (not always the case when the costume comes off and the loincloth goes on) and generally gives the role that little something extra - a quality only good actors can provide.
But Weissmuller had the best yodel and looked good in a loincloth.
Eaton's mascot, a caricature Indian with a misshapen nose, wears a loincloth and eagle feather.
Complaints from construction workers at New York's Kennedy International Airport have forced an artist to paint a loincloth over a nude figure of the crucified Jesus.