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stunned or confused and slow to react (as from blows or drunkenness or exhaustion)

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The gastro logy department is receiving 30 female patients in a month who are referred for stomach wash.
If the developers of this techno logy do not represent all walks of life, it is very likely that this wiIIbe a biased technology.
A group of scientists has assembled to work on an interdisciplinary scientific program to answer necessary questions for the better understanding of the complexity of the Greater Indus Valley he said, and added that for the time being a concrete project was already dealing with the studies of the Sediment logy and underground extension of Moen jo daro as demanded by the UNESCO.
There are certain anatomical associations with tetra logy of Fallot.
My articles, and those by other critics, warn about the logy education budget, terrible teacher pay, and little room for professional growth that are a threat to Israel's national security and economic future.
Ikonisys offers IkoniWAN that provide telepath logy gateway secures remote access to Ikonisoft viewer.
Just as drama has become a little logy and complacent, comedy has exploded in a dozen directions.
The APS techno logy, says Milacron, will solve a number of common issues injection moulders face, including the ability for the system to adapt to difficult engineering materials, high pressure, small shot size, high viscosity and electrical environment variations.
But if we put these two things together--the Jesus whom Paul says holds all things together, and the Jesus John calls the logos, the creative mind of God become flesh--then every discipline that ends in "logy" is a whimsical reminder of the centrality, the bigness, of Jesus Christ.
"The moderation, tolerance and negligence of certain international institutions and organizations on the ISIL have caused the spread of this idea(logy) in the Middle-East region," Head of the Iranian Foreign Ministry's Iraq Headquarters Nasser Kan'ani said, addressing a forum on 'the ISIL Takfiri terrorism and threats to peace' held at the venue of the UN office in Tehran on Monday.
With green FrogTape Painter's Masking Tape (from PS7.98, B&Q (www.diy.com), this isn't the case: it contains PaintBlock technos logy, which cleverly forms a barrier against emulsion, producing a sharp edge when you peel off the tape.
But state action by itself, though necessary, is not enough to carry agroeco logy forward.
er Tagamoto PS7.95 www.red5.co.uk wn the ttractive e logy des of DESIGNED by the makers of Hexbugs, these cars allow you to build up your own customised streets then take to road with one of many attractive rides.
Nothin t g separates a ' the gulf l betwee t n e the decade c s e more r than techno c logy g
| Ken Skates is Deputy Minister for Skills and Tech c n h o logy