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stunned or confused and slow to react (as from blows or drunkenness or exhaustion)

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The gastro logy department is receiving 30 female patients in a month who are referred for stomach wash.
Ken Skates is Deputy Minister for Skills and Tech c n h o logy
This volume circles around "power, struggle, and vision" in articulating a critical feminist political the * logy of liberation.
This finding by scientists at Singapore's Institute of Bio engineering and Nano techno logy (IBN) was demonstrated successfully on breast cancer cells and suggests the possibility that engineered human stem cells hold the key to cancer survival.
Digital Clinical Imaging Integrated with Structured Reporting and an EHR Integrated digital dictation, structured reporting, and voice recognition with PACS Radio- Cardio- Mammo- Patho- logy vascular graphy logy imaging All Survey Respondents 71% 50% 55% 20% 2011 Most Wired 83% 67% 69% 34% Integrated with EHR Radio- Cardio- Mammo- Patho- logy vascular graphy logy imaging All Survey Respondents 77% 58% 60% 33% 2011 Most Wired 89% 76% 74% 51% Source: Hospitals & Health Networks' Most Wired Survey, 2011
Vishay Inter tech no logy launched 18 new 200-V and 600-V FRED Pt Hyperfast and Ultrafast rectifiers in the TO-252AA (D-PAK) power plastic SMD package with forward currents from 4 A to 15 A.
When bored, time slows drastically, the world seems logy and without promise, and reality itself can grow shadowy and vague.
To minimize back injuries from jolts that lift truck drivers experience when crossing the leveler platform and warehouse floor as semi-trailer trucks are serviced, smooth-transition techno logy has been added to a line of high-capacity loading dock levelers.
The inconsistent sound track echoes the dramatic pacing, which lurches between outbursts of violence and near didacticism, as well as the visual grammar, which alternates between flashes of colorful objects--a steaming mug of borscht is deliciously lingered over--and logy emptiness.
The researchers identified patients retrospectively by using ICD 9 discharge diagnosis codes and symptom-based screening of admission logy.
Thi on the uptake of current nologies, such as cloud c which is likely to be slow But the right cutting-e logy can help companies pear that busist aren't enes to the be-, if used corave a radical ies do business.
Over the next several weeks, Nozette and the undercover agent exchanged env= elopes of money for answers to lists of questions about US satellite techno= logy.
Page 16 FAMILYL NOTY ICES ARE ON PAP GE 16 BUSINESS SECTORS 28-40 LEGAL LEGA GAL 28-31 FINANCE FI ANC NANCE 32-35 TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOG CHNOLO LOGY 36-37 6-SHARES SHA S RES 38-39 8-DNA NA 40 DIRECTORY DIRECTO CTO TORY RY 47 Battle ends in victory A Leamington personal injury solicitor has won a payout for her client after a three-year battle for compensation by a mother of four against one of the West Midlands' most popular tourist attractions.
The two new products incorporate the advantages of advanced Host-based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) techno logy in the Application Control module that assigns a security rating to previously unknown malware; unique Sandbox techno logy embodying virtuali s ation techno logies and providing a dedicated secure runtime environment; and the innovative Kaspersky Security Network that uses information from millions of users to dramatically reduce response times to new threats and replenish reputation databases with the most up-to-date information about clean and infected files.
Lesley Salem is not only the first nephro logy nurse practitioner in Australia but also the first Aboriginal nephrology nurse practitioner.