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very hard brown to brownish-red heartwood of a logwood tree

spiny shrub or small tree of Central America and West Indies having bipinnate leaves and racemes of small bright yellow flowers and yielding a hard brown or brownish-red heartwood used in preparing a black dye

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I met him at the Logwood Mill and he said he didn't want to sell me, as simple as that.
In finding the accused guilty of exporting Jamaican logwood, the Court stated:
From 1638, when British logwood and mahogany cutters settled there, until 1862, when it was proclaimed a British colony and administered from Jamaica, Belize attracted little attention either politically or scientifically; hence there were few of those tracts, pamphlets and scientific studies that are the characteristic early prose works of the other imperial settlements.
Campbell argues that in the early stages of the logwood industry, slavery was not prominent (p.
The last four play-off's saw Fox and Dogs beat Sports Bar '180' 4-1 and Dolphin 'A' win 4-0 against Logwood.
Enlightened thinking was applied to studying mahogany with an eye toward the kind of reforestation that had been successful in Central America with logwood, but the problem of mahogany replenishment would prove more stubborn.
For example, the idea that a soluble hardwood such as logwood (Haematarylum campechianum) or a vegetable dyestuff like indigo (one of the most valuable of cargoes) might survive to provide a usable and even sustainable dye, was unthinkable.
A twin connected anteroom with two big logwood fireplaces provides perfectly cozy and comfortable setting for end-of-ride relaxing socials that characterise the horsy culture.
Brazilwood from Central and South American produces a range of color from rust to peach, and logwood is used for blues, grays and purple.
Prior to use, traps were boiled in logwood trap dye and black trap wax (Adirondack Outdoor Company, Elizabethtown, New York, USA; Blundell et al.
Ziegler, Jessica Kilbourn, Dyann Logwood, Joan Sitomer, Nancy Bishop, Salima Zaman, Eastern Michigan University, Women's and Gender Studies Department
19) He also cites Dyer on Flemish women as sorters, on woad, logwood, alum, gall-nuts, sumach, cochineal and weld as dyes, on 'double-wheel' hand spinning, and on loom construction.
There were the Hibernians, the Dead Rabbits, Logwood Gang and the High Rip Gang - names that struck fear into even the bravest of hearts when spoken aloud.
Solo canta despacio y aferrate a la carne aguaderrosa del nispero" (9) ([J]ust sing slow and hold to the rosewater flesh of naseberry), se dice a si misma, "canta OM como las abejas en el matorral del palo Campeche" (chant OM like bees in logwood thicket) (73).