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work toward the passage of some legislation by exchanging political favors such as trading votes

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And the features of direct democracy that can break this stranglehold come at a risk to minorities, who have no opportunity to bargain and logroll to protect their interests.
Thus the formation of saintly logrolls is likely to be a function of three factors.
It is not at all clear that universalistic (or even partisan) logrolls have been an otherwise unsolvable problem for tariff legislation in the United States (or elsewhere).
The well-known logrolls of the 1960s between rural and urban districts yielding both food stamps and subsidies for agriculture are no longer the norm.
Kau and Rubin [1979] have attempted to examine logrolls on votes on diverse issues.
For efforts to explain the scope and nature of these legislative logrolls, see, for example, Fenno 1973; Mayhew 1974; Weingast and Marshall 1988; and Baron 1991.